Songs by Desiree Lune

Produced by Jörg Bielfeld

Mix / Preview


Pola Women is a electronic music duo based in Berlin and Stuttgart. Inspired by the cinema and disco life of the 80s, Desiree Lune and Michel from Rework (Playhouse, Exlove) team up for a new project on exlove.
Desiree is studying art at the Kunstakademie Stuttgart and is already familiar with the stage life doing live shows and performances. She is also working as a singer and writer in different music projects.
Michel, who is also part of the bands Rework and She Lies, comes up with synthbased songs and cool drum machine loops for their new danceable band project.
They create manic rhythms in favor exploring a more pulsing, immersive sound that combines new wave synthscapes with a signature german electronic krautrock beat. Vocalist Desiree suprises with cool haunting vocal lines between melancholic and super cold in german and englisch language.